Final Fantasy 2 – EU – PSP (PlayStation Portable) – Square Enix

Final Fantasy 2 is a new remake of the first opus of the serie, this time on Playstation Portable (PSP) released in France in February 2008.

The cover and manual are translated in French but the game stays in English.

I bought it only a few years ago. I am still looking for Bradygames guide so if anyone could help me to find it, it would be amazing.

Série: Final Fantasy

Publisher(s) / Developer(s): Square EnixUbisoft

Type: RPG

Support: UMD

Langage(s): EN, JP

Guide: Not actually in my collection – looking for it

Japan release: 19 april 2007

American release: 26 june 2007

European release: 07 february 2008

Unsurprisingly, Final Fantasy II follows in the footsteps of its predecessor’s PSP remake. While avoiding a mere copy-paste, this episode embraces limited enhancements, leveraging its name more than its strengths to entice players to invest.

Remaking the second installment, it aligns with the same overall execution and interest as Final Fantasy. Technical differences between the two games are absent.

At the same time, graphics are identical and graphical effects (cloud shadows, dust effects, windy curves) are similar, and revamped spells yielding more convincing results than the original or Gameboy Advance version.

Moreover, the PSP version introduces a new labyrinth, bonuses like unique weapons and items, along with an artwork gallery enhancing the expanding bestiary.

However, the game suffers from a notable issue – excessively frequent battles. These interruptions, coupled with back-and-forth movement between towns, impact the initial hours’ narrative flow.

Despite this, Final Fantasy II brings forth significant changes. Absent are traditional levels and experience. While spells are still purchased in shops, their potency improves with usage. Regrettably, jobs are absent, yet characters possess predispositions to certain techniques based on weapons.

In addition, gameplay extension issues include inconvenient controls for the world map on the PSP, expensive items, and the ability to resurrect characters only in churches.

As can be seen, the concept of recalling important words during conversations is promising but poorly executed.

As often, Square Enix appears to prioritize profit over innovation.

Even if this title is not the best, it stays must have in my collection so, here it is.

Final Fantasy 1 – EU – PSP (PlayStation Portable) – Square Enix

Square Final Fantasy 2 – EU – Playstation Portable (PSP)
Collection interest
Personal preference

Probably not the best remake but a must have in any Final Fantasy fan’s collection

My appreciation


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